Police Department

Staff/ Members

Jared Bellows, Sergeant
Melinda Herzig
Holland Herzig
Clay Herbert



(413) 339-4335


(413) 339-5371


Dispatch Number: (413) 625-8200

Mailing Address

Charlemont Police Department
P.O. Box 251
Charlemont, MA 01339


Emergency Notification and Public Interest Message System

Emergency Notification and Public Interest Message System Deployed for Charlemont

The Town of Charlemont has deployed an Emergency Notification and Public Interest Message system that uses a telephone calling system to alert residents and business in town of an emergency situation that may impact our area. The number for the town hall, 339-4335 will show up on caller id units. Please do not call the town hall for more information.

In an actual emergency, you would be instructed on what to do and  who you should contact for more information.


Deerfield River Forum Information

The Deerfield River Forum was recently established to discuss river safety issues and to enact a program that will help raise public awareness about responsible and safe recreation on or near water. Members include concerned residents and businesses mostly from Town of Charlemont and surrounding Deerfield River communities, as well as local and state government officials and agencies.

They have provided the following information on the "Wear It" Campaign.

Wear It Deerfield flyer - English [PDF 1.31MB]

Wear It Deerfield flyer - SPANISH [PDF 1.31MB]

Wear It Deerfield flyer - BILINGUAL [PDF 2.6 MB]

Additional Information

River Patrol Funding

A Message from Sergeant Clayton J. Herbert

Hey everyone, We have come a long way to the point of a safer year on the river. We have been working with community businesses to obtain a focus and direction to meet every ones expectations. We now need help with the expectation of funding what we worked hard at achieving. We know there are business and groups that have committed bring our total to about $3,000 at this point. We need $14,000 with Brookfield Power willing to match what every is contributed, so please help achieve or goal and send your contributions in by May 24th, 2013 to:

Charlemont Police Department 
River Patrol 
P.O. Box 251 
Charlemont, MA 01339

Once all checks have been received we can copy and forward to Brookfield Power for a matching contribution up to $7,500. Please this is for you, your customer, your business,  the community and just being a good neighbor. Thanks!!

Please forward this message to anyone you think would contribute!!

Sergeant Clayton J. Herbert 
Charlemont Police Department